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Styler Pinot = Must Read!

Dear Friends:

Styler Wildcat Mountain Vineyard 2014 Pinot Noir is simply the best Pinot I’ve had in many years, maybe ever! It’s a new and incredibly rare (98cs) production. Vendome Studio City has acquired 1 precious case. 11 bottles are available to a few extremely lucky individuals. The cost of this truly stellar offering is only $54.99. Once gone, this California legend in the making will disappear. Remember only 98cs were produced.

Instead of boring you with tasting notes, I’ll answer a few questions that have been asked about Styler Wildcat Mountain Vineyard 2014 Pinot Noir.

Top Q&A

Q. “I love to pair wine with my meal. Any suggestions?”
A. Yes. Another bottle of Styler Wildcat Mountain 2014 Pinot Noir.

Q. “I noticed that you said that only 11 bottles of Styler are available. Aren’t there 12 bottles in a case of wine?”
A. Yes, but I’m in the process of depleting a bottle as I write.

Q. “I consider myself an authority on all things Pinot. Why wasn’t I alerted about Styler Wildcat Mountain 2014 Pinot Noir when you were?”
        -Wine Snob
A. Styler was a Top Secret project. So Top Secret that I’m still not at liberty to disclose the famous winemaker. Do not Fret! Styler is now available to everyone! Including Wine Snobs, Hollywood Elites, Politicians, Professional Athletes and Attorneys.

Q. “At $54.99 Styler Pinot is a bit over my budget. Do you have another suggestion?”
        -Budget Shopper
A. No. Sell some clothing or CD’s or anything else. There are only 11 bottles left. Well worth the price.

Q. “I own a competing Wine Shop/Wine Bar. Can you help me get a case of Styler Wildcat Mountain 2014 Pinot Noir.”
        -Eternally Grateful
A. Yes. Call me.

Don’t be one of the billions of people that will not be able to partake in Styler Wildcat Mountain 2014 Pinot Noir.

It’s here at Vendome Studio City for $55 bucks.


Steve Besser

About Steve Besser

Steve Besser has over 35 collective years in grocery and liquor, diving head first into the alcohol biz near the turn of the century. He learned about wines and spirits the old fashioned way, through sampling and asking questions. Never pretends to be an expert, but he knows quite a bit about the things he knows about.


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