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Bummer & Lazarus – The Perfect Martini

bottle of Bummer & Lazarus Gin

Bummer & Lazarus were two stray dogs that roamed the streets of San Francisco in the 1860’s. They became famous for their expertise at killing rats that infested the city in those days & for their unique bond of friendship. Newspapers regularly reported on their escapades & when Lazarus died in October 1863, the Daily Bulletin ran a lengthy obituary entitled “Lament for Lazarus”. Bummer died two years later. Mark Twain, then a young reporter, wrote a characteristically wry obituary in which he said that Bummer had died “full of years, and honor, and disease, and fleas”.

What does this have to do with the perfect martini? Bummer & Lazarus is the name of a great gin for the perfect martini. A martini should be a simple cocktail to make, but a great one is not. Too many herbs, not neutral enough, too cold and many other issues. I’ve found the solution. Here it is:

Bummer & Lazarus Perfect Martini

21oz. Bummer & Lazarus Gin
3⁄oz. Dolin’s Dry Vermouth or any good French Vermouth
Shake with one piece of ice, then strain into glass.

Note that only one piece of ice is used. This keeps the cocktail from being too cold, which masks flavor and aroma.

Of course Bummer & Lazarus Gin is available at Vendome. Around 40 bucks a bottle. Well worth it.

Steve Besser

About Steve Besser

Steve Besser has over 35 collective years in grocery and liquor, diving head first into the alcohol biz near the turn of the century. He learned about wines and spirits the old fashioned way, through sampling and asking questions. Never pretends to be an expert, but he knows quite a bit about the things he knows about.


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