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Boggy Meadow “Switchel” Cider Vodka

What is Switchel you ask?

Bottle of Switchel

It is truly a one of a kind alcoholic concoction. Originally conceived as a non-alcoholic thirst quencher in 18th century New England. It now contains a hefty dose of booze and is produced by only one maker.

I’ll described it as a Cinnamony, Gingery, Cidery type of drink. It tastes as good as it sounds. It begs for cocktails or just an ice cube.

It’s full name is Boggy Meadow “Switchel” Cider Vodka; produced by Boggy Meadow which is a dairy farm (cheese maker) in New Hampshire.

It’s difficult to find products that are both very old world and completely new to the marketplace. This fits the bill. Each bottle comes with unique cocktail ideas: Ginger Scorch, The Haymaker, Switchel Cider Sangria and a bunch more.

Vendome has it. $41.99.
Steve Besser

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Steve Besser has over 35 collective years in grocery and liquor, diving head first into the alcohol biz near the turn of the century. He learned about wines and spirits the old fashioned way, through sampling and asking questions. Never pretends to be an expert, but he knows quite a bit about the things he knows about.


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